Maps have always fascinated me and after years of collecting them finally I started drawing my own in 2004.

Most of the maps I make have an autobiographical ingredient, something obvious to those who know me. And to those who don’t know me personally, the maps may appear as visual puzzles which they try to solve by recognizing a shoreline, the layout of a city, a park, or an avenue.

These maps are meant as a kind of game where the viewers always win, as long as some links and associations are made. "Where is that?" they may ask and feel that they found the clue to solve the puzzle. Some questions, however, do not have a clear or straight answer, which is also part of the game.

I think of my pieces as a sort of cartographic narrative also. A simple story may develop from drawings and maps cut up and pasted next to other maps or against different backgrounds. The singular universe created through this process aims to reflect our shifting perception of time and space, and, of course, ourselves.

The maps and some of the small objects included here are a personal attempt to show a few places that I believe have not been charted before. 

The rest of the works on this site are examples of what I do when I am not working on a particular map.


After many years of working in different fields, first as a film editor and later in publishing as a translator and developer of children's books, now I think I have found my true passion.

During the past three years I attended art workshops and classes in New York at the Art Students League, the National Academy School, and the Spring Studio.

My work was included previously in three group shows; at the Art Students League in March 2011, at the Brooklyn Artists Gym (now the Trestle Gallery), in August 2011, and in June 2012 at the Prince Street Gallery, in Chelsea.